Saturday, March 9, 2013

Successfully Quitting

One of the primary reasons many smokers choose to quit is because they are worried about the health of their family members.  Strangely, their own health is less of a reason than the health of those around them.  However, because the choice to quit comes from an external place, rather than an internal one, it is not always successful.  There are simply too many reasons to fall back into smoking.  However, one of the ways that some smokers have achieved success is through the use of e cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is an odorless, smokeless, reusable alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The cartridges, which are heated, and create a vapor that tastes and feels like smoke, can be purchased with or without nicotine.  For many people, a premium electronic cigarette is the perfect tool for bridging the gap between smoker and non-smoker, and can mean the difference between successfully quitting, and merely wishing you could. 

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