Friday, September 28, 2012

The E Cigarette Debate Continues

There has been a great deal of debate about the efficacy of e cigarettes. Do they really help curb smoking? Are they really “healthier” than regular cigarettes? While the benefits to the smoker are still under debate, no one has debated that being around e cigarettes is far more pleasant than standard cigarettes. Since e cigarettes are odorless and smokeless, being around a smoker is no longer an exercise in having your clothes or hair smell like the remnants of their cigarette.

An electronic cigarette uses heat and glycerin, or propylene-glycol, to create a vapor which can be smoked, but which does not create the smelly, dense smoke that is part and parcel of the traditional smoking experience. The vapor feels and can tastes like a standard cigarette, but it is odorless for those surrounding the smoker. While the benefits of e cigarettes for smokers may still be under debate, non-smoking family and friends are already singing the praises of the premium electronic cigarette.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fighting the Nicotine Addiction

An estimated 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Most people know the risks associated with smoking, and many of these individuals have attempted to quit smoking. However, smoking is a tough habit to break and many are unable to overcome their addiction.

A smokeless electronic cigarette is highly beneficial if you're unable to quit smoking. These cigarettes weren't designed as a quit-smoking aid, but many smokers have weaned themselves off nicotine with these cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes vary and they allow you to smoke different strengths of nicotine. They work the same as ordinary cigarettes, but unlike ordinary cigarettes, an electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco, tar and many of the harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes. In fact, e-cigarettes do not release smoke. These cigarettes are all-around safer.

But even if you make the switch to an purchase electronic cigarette, quitting the smoking habit altogether is your best bet. Nonetheless, an e-cigarette is the lesser of two evils. And if you can gradually decrease your nicotine strength, you might be able to overcome your addiction.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top Four Reasons to Buy Electronic Cigarette

If you're a cigarette smoker, perhaps you've heard of electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes have gained much attention in recent months and they're becoming popular among smokers. However, some smokers remain skeptical. Despite intentions to quit smoking, many smokers cannot give up their nicotine addiction. This addiction puts their health at risk, as well as the health of their loved ones. For those who are unable to stop smoking, here are good reasons to buy electronic cigarette.

1. An electronic cigarette contains nicotine to help fight your nicotine cravings.
2. An e-cigarette cost considerably less than a packet of traditional cigarettes, which saves you money.
3. An electronic cigarette does not contain tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, which are typically found in traditional cigarettes. There is a lower risk of long-term health complications, such as cancer.
4. An electronic cigarette does not produce smoke, thus you can smoke an e-cigarette around others without the risk of secondhand smoke.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Electronic Cigarette: A Step in the Right Direction

Smoking cigarettes increase the likelihood of serious illness. Illnesses related to smoking include various types of cancers, heart disease and stroke. But despite the dangerous risks, many are unable to quit the tobacco habit. There are products on the market to help, but these don't work for everyone. This leads many to consider other alternatives.

An electronic cigarette is a unique type of cigarette. While these cigarettes are designed to help smokers quit, many smokers have used this product to safely wean themselves off nicotine and give up cigarettes completely. An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated cigarette that features a nicotine cartridge. They allow smokers to receive their nicotine fix, minus the tobacco.

Many smokers are unable to quit because they develop a dependency for nicotine. An electronic cigarette can help decrease nicotine dependencies because smokers can gradually step down their nicotine intake. They might start with a high nicotine cartridge and then move to lower amounts until they no longer need nicotine.

An electronic cigarette starter kit is definitely a step in the right direction. They not only protect the health of smokers, but also the health of those around them. There is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes, thus no risk of secondhand smoke.

Monday, September 24, 2012

E Cigarettes Catch Fire

It is hard to believe that the electronic cigarette has only been available internationally since 2007. E cigarettes are now available at the local newsstand and the corner store, in many large cities, and it is possible to order an electronic cigarette starter kit and an electronic cigarette charger online. Though they have become commonplace, it seems as if they appeared out of nowhere.

An engineer named Herbert A. Gilbert developed the first electronic cigarette in 1963. He created it in response to standard cigarettes, which were becoming increasingly recognized as a health risk. However, his invention never went anywhere. Fast-forward to the year 2000. Hon Lik, a pharmacist based in China, developed his own version of the electronic cigarette. In 2004, he began distributing it in China, where it quickly caught on. In 2007, it went global. Hon Lik’s electronic cigarette, which is quite similar to Mr. Gilbert’s, arrived at a time when smoking was becoming less and less welcome in public spaces. E cigarettes provided an easy solution, and a product that appeared out of nowhere, is now everywhere.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes: An Easy Solution

At one time, cigarette smoking was considered glamorous. Movie stars were almost perpetually wreathed in smoke during scenes in many films, and it was considered the height of cool to be seated at a fancy restaurant, dressed in your finest attire, with a cigarette in hand. Then the health issues began for both smokers and the non-smokers around them, and cigarettes have steadily fallen out of favor. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is highly addictive, so stopping can be very difficult.

E cigarettes provide an easy, cost-effective solution. The electronic cigarette has only been available since 2004, and didn’t become available internationally until 2007. It is catching on quite quickly, however. The cigarette produces a vapor that simulates the sensation of smoking, but can come with or without nicotine and does not have any odor or smoke. It is easy to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit online. Best of all, a premium electronic cigarette is reusable, which means less waste and less cost. If you are not yet ready to quit smoking, an electronic cigarette provides a solution that is both cool and intelligent.

Monday, September 17, 2012

About the Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette was introduced to the U.S. market in 2007. They look like regular cigarettes, but they don’t contain tobacco. Inside is a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine, which turns to vapor that smokers inhale and exhale.

The amount of nicotine an electronic cigarette delivers depends on the content of the liquid-nicotine cartridge installed in it. Customers may choose from cartridges that have a range of strengths, from some comparable to a regular cigarette, to others that are close to a light or ultralight cigarette.

E-cigarettes are sold in stores and online. Originally invented in China, the e-cigs and all components are now sold internationally. Prices vary. A typical starter kit with the e-cigarette device, a battery, and several cartridges, can cost anywhere from $30 to $100.

The regulation of e-cigarette use is still evolving, but because they don’t involve smoke, most manufacturers market e-cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes that allows more freedom. Regulations do vary.