Friday, September 28, 2012

The E Cigarette Debate Continues

There has been a great deal of debate about the efficacy of e cigarettes. Do they really help curb smoking? Are they really “healthier” than regular cigarettes? While the benefits to the smoker are still under debate, no one has debated that being around e cigarettes is far more pleasant than standard cigarettes. Since e cigarettes are odorless and smokeless, being around a smoker is no longer an exercise in having your clothes or hair smell like the remnants of their cigarette.

An electronic cigarette uses heat and glycerin, or propylene-glycol, to create a vapor which can be smoked, but which does not create the smelly, dense smoke that is part and parcel of the traditional smoking experience. The vapor feels and can tastes like a standard cigarette, but it is odorless for those surrounding the smoker. While the benefits of e cigarettes for smokers may still be under debate, non-smoking family and friends are already singing the praises of the premium electronic cigarette.

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