Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Electronic Cigarette is changing the way America Smokes

What exactly is an e- cigarette anyways? A smokeless cigarette or e-cig can be a machine an individual utilizes to obtain nicotine. Picture the e-cig like a more favorable alternative to a regular cigarette. Essentially, an individual take a drag off an electric cigarette and you breathe in something which feels considerably like smoking. Surprisingly you are essentially inhaling and exhaling in water vapor but not genuine smoke. So exactly where does the nicotine come in – I bet your wondering. Surprisingly that is simple at the same time. A device resides on the interior in the smokeless cigarette casing, and it is called the atomizer. The atomizer combines the nicotine in to the smoke.
Do you get why the water vapor cigarette performs currently? If you’re a smoker like myself then you have a oral fixation or you require to put anything in your mouth area and smoke it because you are addicted to that sensation. What if I told you that you may utilize a inexpensive smokeless cigarette to replace that feeling. In addition you are not breathing in smoke any more – simply just water vapor!
The ecig genuinely is a remarkable invention. I really doubt any one would’ve thought a smokeless cig could ever be thought up. Picture a few years back, could you have ever dreamed of such a thing as a smokeless cigarette? Now electronic cigarettes are just about everywhere you look. Today ecig are in the newspapers, on television programs, as well as all over the net.
That just isn’t the solely factor the e-cigarette might do either. Do anyone realize that most of the important towns within the USA have got smoking cigarettes bans?
You most probably will not smoke around your local tavern anymore that is certainly a shame. Then again, take advantage of the smokeless cigarette you’re not even smoking real smoke and for that reason there is absolutely no ban on electronic cigarettes!
Before you dive into the Vapor Cigarette arena be sure to you head on over and take a look at Smokesation Electronic Cigarette.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Electronic Cigarette – As close to the real thing as you’re going to get

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming very popular among smokers who are attempting to quit.  Because of the physical addiction to nicotine and the habit of smoking, quitting is a difficult process.  Electronic cigarettes help you to ease that process.  While you’re not kicking the habit, you’re ridding yourself of smoke, tobacco, tar and other harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes and cigarette smoke.
It’s a well known fact that second hand smoke is harmful to those around you.  Second hand smoke when inhaled by others can cause lung cancer and other problems generally associated with smoking.  So those non-smokers around people who smoke have about the same chance of suffering a smoking-related illness as the smoker themselves do.
Electronic cigarettes take care of those issues.  Because they are smokeless, there’s no second hand smoke.  There is a water vapor that is inhaled and subsequently exhaled by the smoker, but the vapor contains no toxins or chemicals that traditional cigarette smoke has.  Also non-flammable, the electronic cigarette is safer than traditional cigarettes which can burn others and can start fires.
For a cost of around $40, you can purchase a starter kit that contains 2 cartomizers with built in atomizers, one battery, a user’s manual and a USB charger for the battery.  Each of the cartomizers is equivalent to about one pack of cigarettes.
The design of the electronic cigarette makes it look almost exactly like a real cigarette, with the exception of the steel battery.  The cartomizers have close to the same feel as traditional cigarettes as well.  The part that you place in your mouth is a disposable piece, the cartomizer.
Because this is a nicotine product, minors under the age of 18 are still prohibited from buying and/or using the electronic cigarette.  It’s not recommended that persons who are not addicted to smoking use it either.  Of course, people sensitive to nicotine also should not use this product.
There are four available nicotine strengths currently: high, medium, low and none.  Also available in many different flavors, the electronic cigarette is an option that has many more choices than traditional cigarettes.  For traditional cigarettes, flavors include light, regular, ultra light and menthol.  To get flavors you have to smoke cigars.
Many people have tried to quit or reduce smoking using chewing tobacco.  However, chewing tobacco obviously contains tobacco and also contains many of the toxins that are found in cigarettes.  The only difference is it doesn’t produce smoke.  Smokeless chewing tobacco however creates other hazards for the users including cancer of the mouth and throat.
All of the health hazards associated with the act of smoking or chewing tobacco, on the part of everything other than nicotine, are removed when you change to electronic cigarettes.  E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and do not produce smoke, two of the leading problems with the traditional products.  They also do not contain the toxic chemical additives that are found in cigarettes

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Electronic Cigarettes sweeping the nation

Electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation due to their health benefits. They offer people the freedom to smoke anywhere, because of the absence of second hand smoke, and their relative low cost when compared to traditional smoking, makes them very appealing to health conscious consumers. Many brands are developing both online and in retail locations across America.  Smokesation is a new brand that is already having a dramatic impact on the e-cigarette industry. Smokesation attributes their successful growth to the cutting-edge technology integrated in their electronic cigarettes, and the outstanding customer service they provide.
Smokesation offers an electronic cigarette that is free of tar and cancerous agents. When you inhale the pure nicotine vapor contained in the electronic cigarette you are actually inhaling water. The water vapor will still produce the “smoking” effect that you are used to, only without all the harmful effects inherent to traditional cigarette smoking. Smokesation electronic cigarettes are available in a multitude of flavors, designed to mimic many popular cigarette flavors.
Many establishments across the United States are cutting back on smoking within their walls. Due to the water vapor technology that Smokesation brand electronic cigarettes integrates within their electronic cigarette, the users can smoke their products virtually anywhere. Traditional cigarettes contain tar and other cancerous agents that cause the smoke to affect the people around them by staining their clothes with the smell of a traditional cigarette, and causing damage to their lungs. Second hand smoke of traditional cigarettes is responsible for causing premature death and disease in children and adults who do not smoke. According to many smokers have claimed that it is easy to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. If the health benefits were not enough for smokers to try Smokesation then the cost benefit should definitely help ease the transition. The average cost of cigarettes is around $50 a carton. At one pack per day that is around $150 per month. Smokesation electronic cigarettes Starter Kit are priced as low as $39.95, and can save a 1-pack per day smoker, who pays $7 per pack, $156.04 per week. In a time where many people are trying to cut back on expenses, switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can make a major impact on a smokers wallet. has acknowledged electronic cigarettes as a “breakthrough invention” which is drastically changing society. The lack of tar and cancerous agents that an electronic cigarette like Smokesation generates is a strong demonstration of this testament. Smokers can smoke Smokesation electronic cigarettes anywhere, and help save themselves money while doing so. Smokesation provide a high quality electronic cigarette, for smokers who would like to become healthier, avoid smoking bans, and save money.