Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Odor Free Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is a highly addictive habit, and if you haven't been able to quit, an electronic cigarette can help. These cigarettes contain nicotine like traditional cigarettes, but they do not feature harmful substances. Lack of harmful toxins lowers your risk of cancer and other smoking-related complications. But in addition to lowering the risk of illness, these types of cigarettes are popular because they're odor free.

If you smoke or know a smoker, you might complain about smoke smells. Cigarette smoke can take over a house or car, and the scent of smoke can become trapped in clothes and other fabrics. It's the complete opposite with an electronic cigarette. These cigarettes do not create smoke, but rather a smoke-like vapor. This vapor gives the illusion of smoke, however, it's odor free. You can smoke your electronic cigarette kit at home or in public and not worry about a scent. In fact, some public places that ban smoking allow these types of cigarettes.

Tobacco can stain your teeth and lips and increase your risk of serious illness - emphysema, lung cancer, stroke, oral cancer, and more. Why take any chances? Ditch your traditional cigarettes and go with a safer alternative.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Electronic Cigarette battery maintenance

Electronic Cigarette Battery cleaning tips!!
Your Smokesation electronic cigarette battery is designed to last a long time and with proper care and a little maintenance it should. Around the threads (where connection is made between the battery and cartomizer) dust, lint and humidity from the cartomizer can cause a buildup. Occasional cleaning is needed to maintain proper working condition and a smoother draw.

  • There are 2 tiny holes under the threads (1 on either side) of the battery opposite each other. 
  • Take a pin or sharp toothpick and clean out the two tiny holes opposite each other just under the threads on the battery. 
  • Then go around the inside of the threads a couple of times.
  • Wipe off any buildup on a tissue and repeat previous steps. 
  • Replace cartomizer and you will notice a smoother air flow. 
  • Do the cleaning maintenance any time your unit gets harder to draw on.
  • TIP: you can use the rubber cover from the cartomizer on the end of the battery to keep it clean from dust and lint while you are storing it between uses. 
WARRANTY:  All of your Smokesation hardware has a lifetime warranty. If for any reason it doesn’t perform properly let us know and we will gladly replace it at no cost to you.
Our goal is to do all we can to help with your continued success of being smoke free. 
Again thank you for being a customer and we appreciate your business!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Electronic Kits starting at $29.95

Smokesation would like to announce that we are lowering the BASE prices on all our electronic cigarette kits by $10 each. We have made all our kits default without a carrying case so now you have the option to start using our electronic cigarettes starting at $29.95 for our electronic cigarette starter kit.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The E-Cigarette Firestorm

E-cigarettes are rapidly popping up for sale on the Internet and in mall kiosks across the United States. Despite rising sales and growing interest, the Food and Drug Administration is not rushing to approve the product. While health professionals criticize the safety of electronic cigarettes, marketers promote several benefits over their tobacco counterparts.

Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, just vapors via their replacement cartomizers. Because of this, makers suggest these products can be used in smoke-free zones, unlike tobacco cigarettes, such as airport lounges, workplaces and restaurants. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are available with or without nicotine. This feature leads us to the second claim in which manufacturers suggest that their product can reduce the harmful effects of smoking for those who can’t kick the nicotine addition.

Lastly, makers claim that transitioning to e-cigarettes can help smokers give up the habit altogether. However, the World Health Organization has asked marketers to stop stating this as a benefit because there is no evidence to qualify electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation products.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online: The Benefits

If you want to experiment with electronic cigarettes to help lower your risk of cancer and other disorders associated with smoking, consider the pros of buying online.

You can buy electronic cigarette online from many retailers. These cigarettes are unique in that they do not contain toxins and substances known to cause throat cancer, oral cancer, and esophageal cancer. These cigarettes do contain nicotine. If you’re addicted to nicotine and can’t shake your smoking habit, e-cigarettes are a great alternative. And since cartridges contain different levels of nicotine, these types of cigarettes can help wean your addiction.

If you decide to buy electronic cigarette online, you will save time and money. Online retailers typically have less overhead, which lets them sell electronic cigarettes at lower prices. And let’s not forget the convenience of shopping online. When you buy electronic cigarette online, you can compare prices and place your order from the comforts of your home. There’s no driving around town comparing prices. Simply place your order and the cigarettes are delivered to your doorstep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bridging the Gap Between Smokers and Non-Smokers

If you are considering giving up regular cigarettes, you may want to try out e cigarettes in order to make the transition away from nicotine a little less painful. It is possible to buy an electronic cigarette online and an electronic cigarette starter kit. Electronic cigarettes use a combination of heat and glycol, or glycerin, to create the sensation of smoking without the odor or smoke that has resulted in traditional cigarettes being banned from many places.

An electronic cigarette can be cleaned and reused. The starter kit provides you with everything you need. Most importantly, electronic cigarettes allow you to choose whether to include nicotine in your smoking experience. A premium electronic cigarette can even help you slowly lower the amount of nicotine over time, so that you can gradually eliminate a nicotine addiction. Though e cigarettes are a relatively recent development, they are fast becoming popular. Smoking traditional cigarettes is becoming increasingly taboo, so an electronic cigarette helps fill the gap between smokers and non-smokers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Making a Healthy Change

The decision to buy an electronic cigarette should not be a difficult one.  E cigarettes can give you the experience of smoking that you crave, without the level of risk to your health, or the unpleasant odor and secondhand smoke that has caused traditional cigarettes to be banned from many public areas.  Using a combination of heat and glycerin or glycol, an electronic cigarette tastes and feels like a real cigarette, without making problems for those around you.

With e cigarettes, you no longer have to throw away used cigarettes, since the casing is reusable.   You simply need an electronic cigarette charger to bring it up to working speed again.  You have the option of buying filters with nicotine or without, or of slowly weaning yourself off of nicotine, by reducing the amount of the substance in your filter over time.  With e cigarettes you can control, or curb, your smoking habit.  It is not a question of if you should buy an electronic cigarette.  Instead, it is only a question of when.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Option to Stay Indoors

It is difficult to decide which season is the most unpleasant for smokers.  Wintertime means standing outside on a street corner, at a service entrance, or in an alley, in the freezing cold, bundled up, with numb fingers, because you had to take off your gloves to get out your cigarette and light it.  Summertime means standing outside again, on a corner, at a service entrance, or in an alley, literally melting from the heat, and attempting to drown the smell of heated garbage, with the scent of tobacco.  Neither option is ideal.  If you were smoking e cigarettes, however, it would unnecessary to exercise either option.

An electronic cigarette creates the sensation of actual smoking, without the smoke, tar, and associated health risks.  A premium electronic cigarette is also reusable, so the evidence of your smoking habit will no longer be left in a circle around you on the ground, or in a nearby ashtray.  Using a combination of heat, glycerin, or glycol, e cigarettes can provide you with the taste and feeling of smoking, without all of the parts that leave you standing outside.  The next time you reach for a cigarette, reach for an electronic one, and stay indoors.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rejoining Your Social Circle

Cigarette smoking is rather frowned upon in social circles currently. Gone are the days when having a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other made you look cool and collected. Now, standing outside a restaurant with a cigarette often means you are standing alone instead of with a group of smoking buddies. Gatherings of executives no longer include making deals in a room hazed over by lingering cigarette smoke. Times have indeed changed. Unfortunately, quitting smoking is a lot harder than it looks. E cigarettes are a great way to help you make the transition.

An electronic cigarette uses heat and glycol to create a vapor that feels and tastes like a cigarette, but contains little to no nicotine. The cigarettes look real, but don’t actually make any smoke or release any of the odors that have caused them to be banned from many public areas. With the help of a premium electronic cigarette, you can slowly wean yourself off of cigarettes and remain an active member of your non-smoking social circle. It’s a win-win, and a very healthy choice.

All Fired Up About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, simulate the act of smoking by creating an inhaled vapor similar to that produced by tobacco smoking. The popularity of the electronic cigarette has greatly increased over the past few years as an alternative to tobacco smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Kit
A heating element, power source and liquid reservoir will be included in your kit purchase. Electronic cigarette vapors are available in a variety of flavors as well as nicotine concentrations. E-cigarettes also are available without nicotine.

Looks like a Cigarette
Electronic cigarettes are designed to give smokers the same sensation, look and feel of tobacco cigarettes. Many people believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes as they do not carry the same odor and health risks. However, the jury is still out on the true benefits and adverse effects of electronic cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Power Source
Most electronic cigarettes are portable and powered by a battery or USB adapter. To keep your device running on the go, you may consider purchasing a charger. An electronic cigarette charger can typically be plugged into any computer, wall adapter, car charger adapter or USB port.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stop Smoking Now

Want to stop smoking but unsure how to go about it? If you're serious about the claim, it's time to get off the couch and take yourself seriously by taking action! Since you know yourself best and you've probably tried to quit smoking before, you probably know which methods will work best for you. If it's cold turkey, then so be it: put down that final cigarette immediately and don't take another one no matter what stands in your way! If you require a more gradual approach, drive to the grocery store and find a nicotine patch or gum that will work best. If neither of these options has seemed promising in the past, a third option that's growing in popularity is  electronic cigarettes. You can  buy electronic cigarettes online by purchasing an  electronic cigarette starter kit, and slowly but surely replace your regular cigarettes with electronic ones that are much better for your health. If this is the option you choose, be sure to stay the course and don't delay: order your  electronic cigarette kit today and get started immediately on starting a new, smoke-free life!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are E Cigarettes a Quit Smoking Aid?

Medical reports discussing the danger of smoking aren’t new. Smoking is to blame for thousands of deaths each year. Complications from smoking can include lung cancer, throat cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Several products are available to help people quit smoking, but many people are unsuccessful. This is primarily due to the fact that cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive ingredient. But since E cigarettes have hit the market, there are claims that these electronic devices can help people kick the cigarette habit.

E cigarettes are designed to deliver nicotine without releasing harmful toxins into the body. With this product, smokers can feed their nicotine addiction and reduce their risk of cancer and other illnesses. But in addition to avoiding major medical problems, E cigarettes are ideal for anyone who wants to gradually wean themselves off cigarettes.

Each E cigarette has a space for a nicotine cartridge. You insert the cartridge before smoking the cigarette. The amount of nicotine in each cartridge varies. There are high-level cartridges, as well as zero-level cartridges. If you’re looking to curb your nicotine addiction, you may start with a high level of nicotine and slowly move down to a low level of nicotine. As your body takes in less and less nicotine, you eventually overcome your addiction. For those who succeed, E cigarettes are the perfect quit smoking aid.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

E Cigarettes for a Healthier Future

For a new non-smoker, finding a premium electronic cigarette, an electronic cigarette starter kit, or an electronic cigarette charger, can be difficult. Just as choosing the cigarette you liked when you were still a smoker took some trial and error, the same is true when deciding what electronic cigarette brand works best for you. Electronic cigarettes are a great way to help wean yourself off of regular cigarettes, and they do considerably less damage to your body and the health of the people around you.

Using a combination of heat and specially treated propylene glycol or glycerin, e cigarettes allow you to experience the taste and feeling of regular cigarette smoking, but without the smell and smoke. Depending on whether you use a nicotine or non-nicotine electronic cigarette, the health issues that surround standard cigarette smoking can also be reduced or eliminated. Many electronic cigarettes look like regular cigarettes and can be cleaned and reused. If you are attempting to quit smoking, try an electronic cigarette. With a little help and a willingness to find the brand that works for you, you can have a healthier future.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Charged and Ready to Go

If you are one of the many Americans who are on their way to kicking the habit of smoking by using an electronic cigarette, you know that with the portability of the electronic cigarette charger, you never have to worry about an uncharged battery and you’ll never be without your next e-cigarette.

The electronic cigarette charger for the battery can be used at home or, for even more convenience, in your car. This is great for when you need to charge the battery but are running out the door. Some folks opt to buy two batteries so there is always one charged and ready. They simply remove the used battery, pop it into the electronic cigarette charger, grab the freshly charged battery, and they are good to go.

With many options to having a charged battery at the ready, you are very unlikely to be in a situation where you don't have a charged battery and will always be ready to enjoy your premium electronic cigarette.

Safer Smoking with an Electronic Cigarette

The risks associated with smoking are well known. Lighting up increases your risk of lung cancer, emphysema, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, as well as heart disease and stroke. But even if you know the risks, quitting smoking is easier said than done. But rather than give up the fight and give into your cigarettes, consider a safer alternative.

Many smokers have given up traditional cigarettes and rely on an electronic cigarette for their nicotine fix. These types of cigarettes are highly useful and effective if you’re trying to kick the habit. While an electronic cigarette contains some nicotine, there is no tobacco. And instead of harmful smoke, an electronic cigarette emits a vapor that looks like smoke.

Few people can quit smoking cold turkey. With an electronic cigarette, you can gradually wean yourself off of cigarettes and lower your risk of complications as you overcome your nicotine addition. And since electronic cigarettes are battery-operated and reusable, you can save a ton of money.

Why wait any longer to kick this harmful habit? Give an electronic cigarette a try and you’re well on your way to smoke-free living.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Medical Groups Endorse E-Cigarettes as Means to Quit

Medical Daily published an article this week titled, “Can Electronic Cigarettes be Used to Quit Smoking?” The gist is yes; medical practitioners are recognizing the electronic cigarette as a means to quit. It’s well known that conquering a tobacco addiction is a difficult endeavor.

E-cigarettes work by super heating a cartridge that gives smokers a dose of nicotine in the form of water vapor. The body absorbs the nicotine and exhales the water vapor, which doesn’t contain chemicals or carcinogens. There is no second-hand smoke and the smoker’s teeth do become yellowed.

A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed e-cigarettes as a viable smoking cessation option. And in 2010, the American Association of Public Heath Physicians announced their support of e-cigarettes for adults.

There is still a great deal of research being done on the subject. But most find that e-cigarettes are a healthier, safer alternative to traditional cigarettes for both the user and those near the smoker. And much of the research suggests that e-cigarettes are an excellent choice for those who would like to quit smoking altogether.

To read the full article, visit. http://bit.ly/NXaRFr.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why the Nicotine Patch Isn't Enough

For folks who are desperate to quit smoking, the nicotine patch and its weaning process may be what works. For most smokers, however, there is an element of an oral fixation that isn’t addressed when one wears the patch.

The oral addiction is a huge factor in smoking cigarettes. Having something in their hands to put in their mouth is part of the smoking experience. The patch doesn’t fulfill this need. With a premium electronic cigarette, a person feels as if they are still holding the cigarette. And, with adjustable levels of nicotine, a person can begin to wean themselves as they see fit. By the time they aren’t inhaling any nicotine, they might also want to begin limiting the amount of time they need to hold the cigarette. For many people, holding the cigarette isn’t an issue and they continue use their electronic cigarette long after they've given up the nicotine.

Being able to “smoke” their electronic cigarette in many public places also takes away the stigma that is becoming associated with folks who smoke. With your e cigarettes, you will be welcome to smoke while not affecting any one’s air quality.

Taking your time to quit gives you all the power, and if you use e cigarettes, you are on your way to a healthier smoking experience.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ease of Buying Online

Everyone loves the ease of buying items online. No longer are we waiting in long lines or driving out of our way to get items that we need. Now, with the click of our mouse, we can buy anything from televisions to cupcakes from anywhere in the country or from anywhere in the world. And with this ease of buying online comes a certain discrimination that was never available to consumers. Consumers had to buy what the local store offered and for the price they chose. Now, comparison shopping is easier than ever with almost everything one can purchase online.

So, if you are one of the millions of people who are trying to quit cigarettes and are finding that an electronic cigarette is the perfect method for you, you can now use that discriminating taste, that all online shoppers use, to get the best price for your product.

If you are ready to buy electronic cigarette online, you simply need to do a little homework to figure out which brand most people recommend. Many folks are very willing to write a review when they love and when they hate a product. You are able to compare prices and brands. And if you are wondering where to buy electronic cigarette, the reviews will also tell you which company has the best customer service, best return policy, and the best overall product.

Saving money is in everyone’s best interest and being able to comparison shop online means you will be getting the best products for your hard-earned dollar.