Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why the Nicotine Patch Isn't Enough

For folks who are desperate to quit smoking, the nicotine patch and its weaning process may be what works. For most smokers, however, there is an element of an oral fixation that isn’t addressed when one wears the patch.

The oral addiction is a huge factor in smoking cigarettes. Having something in their hands to put in their mouth is part of the smoking experience. The patch doesn’t fulfill this need. With a premium electronic cigarette, a person feels as if they are still holding the cigarette. And, with adjustable levels of nicotine, a person can begin to wean themselves as they see fit. By the time they aren’t inhaling any nicotine, they might also want to begin limiting the amount of time they need to hold the cigarette. For many people, holding the cigarette isn’t an issue and they continue use their electronic cigarette long after they've given up the nicotine.

Being able to “smoke” their electronic cigarette in many public places also takes away the stigma that is becoming associated with folks who smoke. With your e cigarettes, you will be welcome to smoke while not affecting any one’s air quality.

Taking your time to quit gives you all the power, and if you use e cigarettes, you are on your way to a healthier smoking experience.

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