Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Option to Stay Indoors

It is difficult to decide which season is the most unpleasant for smokers.  Wintertime means standing outside on a street corner, at a service entrance, or in an alley, in the freezing cold, bundled up, with numb fingers, because you had to take off your gloves to get out your cigarette and light it.  Summertime means standing outside again, on a corner, at a service entrance, or in an alley, literally melting from the heat, and attempting to drown the smell of heated garbage, with the scent of tobacco.  Neither option is ideal.  If you were smoking e cigarettes, however, it would unnecessary to exercise either option.

An electronic cigarette creates the sensation of actual smoking, without the smoke, tar, and associated health risks.  A premium electronic cigarette is also reusable, so the evidence of your smoking habit will no longer be left in a circle around you on the ground, or in a nearby ashtray.  Using a combination of heat, glycerin, or glycol, e cigarettes can provide you with the taste and feeling of smoking, without all of the parts that leave you standing outside.  The next time you reach for a cigarette, reach for an electronic one, and stay indoors.

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