Monday, July 16, 2012

Making a Healthy Change

The decision to buy an electronic cigarette should not be a difficult one.  E cigarettes can give you the experience of smoking that you crave, without the level of risk to your health, or the unpleasant odor and secondhand smoke that has caused traditional cigarettes to be banned from many public areas.  Using a combination of heat and glycerin or glycol, an electronic cigarette tastes and feels like a real cigarette, without making problems for those around you.

With e cigarettes, you no longer have to throw away used cigarettes, since the casing is reusable.   You simply need an electronic cigarette charger to bring it up to working speed again.  You have the option of buying filters with nicotine or without, or of slowly weaning yourself off of nicotine, by reducing the amount of the substance in your filter over time.  With e cigarettes you can control, or curb, your smoking habit.  It is not a question of if you should buy an electronic cigarette.  Instead, it is only a question of when.

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