Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes: An Easy Solution

At one time, cigarette smoking was considered glamorous. Movie stars were almost perpetually wreathed in smoke during scenes in many films, and it was considered the height of cool to be seated at a fancy restaurant, dressed in your finest attire, with a cigarette in hand. Then the health issues began for both smokers and the non-smokers around them, and cigarettes have steadily fallen out of favor. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is highly addictive, so stopping can be very difficult.

E cigarettes provide an easy, cost-effective solution. The electronic cigarette has only been available since 2004, and didn’t become available internationally until 2007. It is catching on quite quickly, however. The cigarette produces a vapor that simulates the sensation of smoking, but can come with or without nicotine and does not have any odor or smoke. It is easy to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit online. Best of all, a premium electronic cigarette is reusable, which means less waste and less cost. If you are not yet ready to quit smoking, an electronic cigarette provides a solution that is both cool and intelligent.

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