Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reduce Lung Cancer With an Electronic Cigarette

Approximately 174,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths in women and men, and smoking contributes to 80 to 90 percent of these cases.

Regardless of whether you smoke one cigarette a day or a pack a day, lighting up greatly increases your risk of illness. Many people recognize this risk, and to lower their chances of lung cancer, some have switched to an electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette works like traditional cigarettes, but they do not contain tobacco and other harmful substances that contribute to lung cancer.

In its early stage, lung cancer may not present any symptoms or very mild symptoms. You may develop a dry, nagging coughing, but attribute this symptom to another condition. Other symptoms are likely to develop as your condition worsens. These include shortness of breath, chest pains, bone pain, wheezing, hoarseness, unintentional weight loss and a headache. It is important to notify your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms for a lengthy period of time.

Smoking is understandably a difficult habit to break. While some people can quit cold-turkey, this method doesn't work for everyone. If you're struggling with a tobacco and nicotine addiction, consider the benefits of an electronic cigarette  These cigarettes can feed your nicotine addiction, but curb your exposure to tobacco. It's the healthier and safer way to light up.

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