Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Smoking Affects Those Around You

Many people feel that it is their right to smoke, and some reason that their smoking doesn't hurt or affect anyone else. This is far from the truth. Smoking cigarettes not only affects the smoker, but those around him. The risk of secondhand smoke is greater in people who live or work with a smoker. A person may never light or touch a cigarette, yet develop complications from cigarette smoke. Illnesses include lung cancer, asthma or other respiratory problems. But there are ways to avoid complications.

An electronic cigarette is proven to reduce the chances of developing complications related to smoking. These products are relatively new, thus it's impossible to know the long-term effects of an electronic cigarette. However, these cigarettes do not contain tobacco and many other harmful substances. The exclusion of these substances makes e-cigarettes a safer choice.

How would you feel if your spouse, child or other family member becomes sick due to secondhand smoke? Rather than live with a guilty conscious, take steps to reduce their risk of illness, as well as your own risk.

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