Friday, March 15, 2013

Enjoy a Full Social Life, Even If You Smoke

Smoking has been banned off and on in various parts of the world almost as long as people have used tobacco. In 1575, the church banned the use of tobacco in Mexican and Spanish colonies in the Caribbean, and there have been other instances of small-scale bans throughout history. The first ban on smoking in public places was enacted in 1975 in Minnesota. Ten years later, Aspen, Colorado banned smoking in restaurants. Since then, the number of places where smoking is no longer allowed has grown exponentially, especially since the early 2000s.

This widespread limiting of allowed smoking areas, has meant that those people who choose to smoke, either find themselves sitting/standing separately from everyone at a public space or restaurant, or simply staying home. There is a third option, however. E cigarettes allow a smoker to enjoy the sensation of a cigarette, without creating the smoke and odor to which many people object. A premium electronic cigarette is reusable, cost-effective, and safer for those people around the smoker. Most importantly, it allows a smoker to enjoy the experience of smoking without feeling as if they are banned from every social function.

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