Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes and Smoking Cessation

E cigarettes have ignited debate all over the world. They have not been marketed as smoking cessation devices, but many people, smokers and non-smokers alike, view them as such. The ability to decide the amount of nicotine contained in the vapor, or even if the vapor contains nicotine at all, has made the premium electronic cigarette the logical choice for people attempting to kick a smoking habit.
E cigarettes look and feel like a traditional cigarette, but have no odor, and release vapor, instead of smoke. A smoker has the sensation of smoking, but the non-smokers around them are not forced to suffer through clouds of their secondhand smoke. The debate around the electronic cigarette stems from whether it is enabling smokers rather than helping them. Additionally, there is some question as to whether the pure nicotine cartridges are actually purely nicotine. If you are considering smoking electronic cigarettes, make sure to search for a premium electronic cigarette brand, and purchase your electronic cigarette from a reputable company.

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