Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Smoking Affects Sleep

If you deal with frequent insomnia, and you're a regular smoker, cigarettes may be causing your sleep problems. When unable to sleep, many people attribute insomnia to caffeine, overstimulation, anxiety and many other issues. However, there is a connection between smoking and sleep problems. Cigarettes contain nicotine. And being addicted to nicotine can trigger cravings at different times -- including nighttime.

Are you ready to quit smoking and get rid of insomnia? If so, consider an electronic cigarette. This type of cigarette is very similar to a traditional cigarette.

Like ordinary cigarettes, an e-cigarette has nicotine. However, these cigarettes let you control the nicotine level. They help decrease nicotine cravings. And once cravings stop, you can wean yourself off cigarettes completely.

An electronic cigarette is a better choice for other reasons as well. Quitting smoking can lower your risk of many health problems, such as lung cancer, asthma and emphysema.

Stop making excuses. Switch to an electronic cigarette and you’re one step closer to achieving your goal of being smoke-free.

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