Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Smoking Affects Your Kids

No parent wants to put their children in harms way. However, smoking cigarettes around your children increases their risk of illness. Smoking releases harmful toxins into the air. If you smoke in the home or around your children, they will inhale these toxins. This is called secondhand smoke. The consequences of secondhand smoke include:

1. If your child has asthma, being around cigarette smoke can worsen his condition. He may experience shortness of breath and need to use his inhaler more.

2. If you smoke around your children, this can increase their number of colds and ear infections.

3. Unknown to some parents, cigarette smoke can increase the risk of sudden infant death, or SIDS
There has never been a better time to give up smoking. Understandably, smoking is a hard habit to break. However, several quit smoking aids are available. These include the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and an electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette has helped many quit the habit because these cigarettes release nicotine. However, they are safer because they do not contain tobacco or release harmful toxins into the air. Give e-cigarettes a try. You'll improve your health and protect the health of your children.

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