Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Got Asthma? Consider an Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is an extremely hard habit to break. You may experiment with the patch, the gum or prescription medication to no avail. There are major consequences of smoking tobacco, and if you develop asthma or another respiratory problem, you doctor may strongly encourage you to break the habit. It takes time to break a cigarette addiction. As you attempt to quit, consider the benefits of an electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette is a safe smoking alternative. These cigarettes do contain nicotine, but they're free of tobacco and many other harmful substances. And the best part, an electronic cigarette does not produce smoke. These cigarettes do emit a vapor, but the vapor is odorless and harmless. Thus, it is unlikely to irritate your asthma.

While you shouldn't expect overnight results, by gradually decreasing the level of your nicotine cartridges, you can slowly wean yourself off cigarettes completely. Imagine achieving your goal of being smoke-free.

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