Monday, December 24, 2012

Stop Smoking Plan

The risk of cancer and the consequences of secondhand smoke convince many people to give up cigarettes. It's a known fact that smoking can reduce your life span, and exposure to smoke puts your family at risk for cancer. Ready to stop smoking? Create a plan of attack.

1. Toss your traditional cigarettes. Buy an electronic cigarette starter kit and slowly decrease your nicotine level. These cigarettes are safe and do not pose a threat to others. There's no tobacco, thus there's a low risk of cancer or other respiratory problems.

2. Stay away from smokers. The temptation to smoke increases the more you're around cigarettes. Ask friends and relatives not to smoke in your home or car. Avoid restaurants and bars that allow smoking, and if your coworkers go outside for a smoke break, stay inside the office.

3. Bonus protection. In addition to an electronic cigarette, aid your quit smoking efforts with a nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Both items help curb cravings, thus allowing you to quit the habit.

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