Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No More Standing in the Cold to Get Your Nicotine Fix

Smoking is becoming less and less acceptable in public places, with many restaurants banning cigarette use inside their establishments. What does this mean for the millions of people who smoke? In order to get their nicotine fix after dinner or drinks, they have to go outside and smoke in designated areas. Not a problem in the summer or warm months, but definitely a problem in the winter. Cold weather also affects smokers who don't light up in their homes. Fortunately, there's a new way to smoke, and it doesn't involve tobacco.

An electronic cigarette has changed the way people enjoy cigarettes - for the better. This tobacco-less electronic device features a nicotine cartridge to curb cravings, but it doesn't emit annoying cigarette smoke. Instead, the cigarette emits an odorless vapor that does't cause irritation or leave an odor. Thus, they can smoke inside their homes and any other place (with permission from management) without bothering other patrons.

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