Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How NOT Smoking Can Improve Your Life

Quit smoking and you'll not only improve your health, but other aspects of your life as well. Here are three benefits of not smoking that you probably haven't considered.

1. Save money. With the average cigarette smoker spending about $200 a month on cigarettes, giving up the habit can put an extra $2,000 in your bank account a year. You might complain about no disposable income or a lack of personal savings. Quit smoking and you can increase your personal savings monthly.

2. More productive at work. Think of how much work you can finish without having to periodically stop for a cigarette break. Not only will your day go smoother, but you'll impress your boss in the process.

3. Foods taste better. Unknown to some smokers, tobacco use can alter the taste buds. Foods may have less flavor, which can trigger excess use of sodium or other salt-based seasonings. Give up cigarettes and you'll improve the function of your taste buds.

If you're having trouble kicking the cigarette habit, perhaps it's time to give an electronic cigarette a try. These cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes and they don't pose a health danger. There is no tobacco or other harmful toxins. And as long as you periodically step down your nicotine level, you can slowly wean yourself off this drug.


  1. Totally agree with the above points and i guess everyone will, smoking does serious damage to your health, it is difficult to quit but by the use of electronic cigarettes it is now very easy, do it today and feel the improvement in your health.

  2. If you will start counting the good things about not smoking the list won't end, electronic cigarettes are a better alternative but you can't say that they are completely risk free.

  3. Smoking is dangerous for us, this habit can cause a lot of problems in our lives, for a healthy life it is better to stay away from such things and eat food which are rich in vitamins plus exercise regularly.