Monday, December 17, 2012

Smoking and Your Eyes

If you smoke cigarettes and you wear contact lenses, you might experience occasional problems with your eyes. Smoking can have an ill effect on various parts of your body. Most people recognize the higher risk of cancer and heart problems, but many fail to realize the impact smoking has on the eyes.

Whether you smoke occasionally or frequently, cigarette smoke can trigger dry eyes. You may need eye drops on a daily basis. And if you wear contact lenses, dry eyes can prevent comfortable use. In fact, some smokers have to remove contact lenses and wear glasses. While the average disposable lenses can be worn for two weeks, some smokers have to switch out their lenses every week. This creates an extra financial expense.

But there's an easy solution. Resolve to quit smoking and you can avoid dry eyes and other consequences of tobacco use. With an electronic cigarette, you can eliminate health-related complications. These cigarettes do not contain tobacco, nor release smoke. They release an odorless vapor that will not irritate your eyes or bother people in your presence.

Make the switch today and you're one step closer to quitting cigarettes. With varying nicotine levels, an electronic cigarette is the perfect way to gradually lessen your dependency on nicotine.

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