Thursday, December 13, 2012

Significantly Reduce Your Cancer Risk

A family member diagnosed with lung cancer can invoke panic, and if you smoke as well, you might come face to face with your own mortality. However, smoking does not have to be a death sentence. It's true that smoking can reduce your life span. Plus, the longer you use tobacco the greater the risk.
A cancer diagnosis can rock your world, but if you give up traditional cigarettes, you have a lower risk of illness. How so?

An electronic cigarette is your answer. Despite your best efforts, you may be unable to quit smoking. With an e cigarette, you don't have to quit. Because these cigarettes do not have tobacco and toxins that harm your respiratory system, they're completely safe.

Try them for yourself and discover the difference. With a lower risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and breathing problems, you'll question why it took so long to make the switch.

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