Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Effective

Making the decision to stop smoking can be tough. While some people are able to do it “cold-turkey,” other people need a bit more help. Relying on a spouse, relative, or friend to see you through the transition can be fraught with issues, as kicking a smoking habit often means irritability, insomnia, and a host of other reactions. Originally developed to make smoking less intrusive at social gatherings, the electronic cigarette has also become a highly effective tool for smoking cessation.

E cigarettes give a smoker the sensation of a real cigarette, but utilize a combination of glycol and heat to create a mist that tastes like a cigarette, but is far less harmful to the body and does not affect anyone else in the environment around the smoker. Some electronic cigarettes, or electric cigarettes, contain nicotine, but others do not. It is possible to buy electronic cigarette units online that contain varying levels of nicotine. A smoker can then wean themselves away from their addiction. With electronic cigarettes, the possibility of kicking a smoking habit, completely, is within reach.

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