Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 Ways to Quit Smoking

Wanting to quit smoking but not sure where to begin? When there are so many options available, it may become overwhelming trying to choose the best one for you, which can ultimately derail you from doing what's most important; kicking the cigarette habit. If you need to decide which works best, read the 3 descriptions below to help you decide:

1. Cold Turkey: Though it works for some, quitting cold turkey takes serious willpower and commitment. If you've tried before and failed, it may be time to seek a different approach.

2. Electronic Cigarettes: These offer a great option for those who like having something in their mouth or enjoy having the appearance of the cigarette. Electronic cigarettes provide the same feeling with none of the health risk.

3. Stepping Down: The trick to success with the step-down method is to monitor your progress carefully and be sure you're actually decreasing your nicotine intake each day. Don't let yourself stagnate or begin to slide. Electric Cigarettes from Smokesation also allow this method with our decreasing levels of nicotine replacement cartomizers.

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