Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Idea for Father's Day

Instead of getting Dad the same old card and new tie, try switching things up with a healthy gift he'll really enjoy. If your Dad is in the process of trying to quit smoking, one great idea is an electronic cigarette starter kit available at Even if he is skeptical of such a gift, the purchase can be a great way to help him know you support his decision to quit smoking and to offer him some options that might help him on the way. Additionally, visit the site with him and let him see testimonials on the website of success stories that involve electronic cigarette users. Reading the testimonials and hearing personal stories from others who have been through the process, is likely to resonate with him and give him the stamina he needs to overcome even the roughest cigarette cravings. With any luck, your Dad will be able to stick to his resolution to stop smoking for good and be completely smoke-free by Father's Day next year!

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