Thursday, August 2, 2012

Put Away Your Conventional Cigarettes

There are a number of very valid reasons why you should consider putting away your conventional cigarettes.  While quitting smoking “cold turkey” can be very hard, choosing to eliminate standard cigarettes from your life is a choice worth considering.  As you probably know, cigarette smoking can cause a host of health issues for both the smoker, and those around them, including lung disease, heart disease, cancer, and emphysema.  The list of smoking related issues goes on.  Even the “Marlboro Man” of the 70s era Marlboro ads died of cancer.

E cigarettes can help you kick the habit.  A premium electronic cigarette uses heat and glycerin to provide you with the sensation and taste of cigarette, without the smoke and cancer-causing agents of a standard cigarette.  Additionally, you can choose whether the vapor you are inhaling contains nicotine or not, and the cigarettes themselves are reusable, which means less waste.  So, put away your conventional cigarettes.  Choosing to stop smoking now, might just save a life – your own.

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