Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pros and Cons of an Electronic Cigarette

Any medical professional will attest to the danger of smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain tobacco and other harmful substances, which increase the risk of lung cancer, oral cancers and respiratory problems. But despite knowing the dangers of smoking, many people are unable to kick the habit. Smoking is very addictive, but there is a way to safely deal with this addiction.

An electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative. These cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and taste like traditional cigarettes. However, they are battery-operated and contain zero tobacco. Lack of tobacco is a major plus for cigarette users. Since an electronic cigarette contains nicotine, smokers can receive their nicotine fix while lowering their risk of serious illness.

An electronic cigarette starter kit is also cost-effective; costing about 50% less than traditional cigarettes on an annual basis. But despite the obvious benefits of an electronic cigarette, it's important to note that these cigarettes aren't designed to help you quit smoking. They simply provide a safer alternative. You can always purchase low-level nicotine cartridges to help curb your addiction, but the effectiveness of this approach is debatable.

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