Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can You Smoke an Electronic Cigarette in Restaurants?

Since 2006, many states have prohibited smoking in restaurants. This is good news for the millions of non-smokers who were annoyed by traveling cigarette smoke, but not good news for patrons who smoke. Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of health problems, and even if you never light a cigarette, being in close contact with cigarette smoke increases your risk of illness as well.

Many recognize the danger of smoking. And for this reason, thousands of smokers have switched to an electronic cigarette kit. These unique cigarettes are battery-operated and feature a nicotine cartridge, but no tobacco. An electronic cigarette is used the same way as a traditional cigarette, but instead of blowing smoke into the air, the cigarette releases a smoke-like vapor. There is no odor or risk of secondhand smoke. This feature prompts many to consider whether an electronic cigarette is acceptable in restaurants that prohibit smoking.

Fortunately for some smokers, many restaurants and bars across the country do permit e-cigarettes. The cigarettes are harmless, and in most cases, an electronic cigarette goes undetected. But before pulling out your e-cigarette, talk to your waiter or management. Yes, these cigarettes do not emit an odor or cause harm, but you might find that some restaurants ban smoking altogether -- regardless of whether it's a traditional cigarette or an electronic cigarette kit.

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