Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alleviate Smoke Smell with an Electronic Cigarette

If you're a smoker or come in close contact with smokers, you've probably had the smell of cigarette smoke in your clothes. Cigarette smoke is very powerful. It can get into your clothes, hair, curtains, and other fabrics. The smell of smoke can linger for several hours, and if you're sensitive to smoke, this can trigger a reaction.

An electronic cigarette is one way to deal with cigarette smoke. An e-cigarette is a safe alternative to tobacco. This battery-operated cigarette does not contain tobacco and many other harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes. It does contain nicotine, but sometimes the level of nicotine in an electronic cigarette is less than traditional cigarettes.

Lack of tobacco isn't the only benefit of an electronic cigarette kit. While these cigarettes do emit a type a smoke, it's not real smoke. It's a vapor that appears like smoke. Fortunately for e-cigarette users, the vapor is odorless. This is a bonus for people who don't want to smell cigarette smoke. Plus, the vapor disappears within seconds and it does not stain teeth or lips.

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