Friday, October 12, 2012

Throw a Party!

Like many people who have lot of friends or family members who smoke, you are probably hoping that they will either quit or switch to the electronic cigarette. Many people are coming up with ways to inform their friends without being preachy and frightening; have a party!

It is called a No Tobacco Party and it is a fun way to inform your friends who smoke about e cigarettes, which they may have either never heard about or were too skeptical to try. And the information can all be given and discussed while being in a social situation.

The idea is to have a fun party like any other party. You might want to have a theme, party favors, fun decoration and plenty of food. But the underlying idea is that there will be information available and a few e cigarettes to be used by folks who smoke. Many folks don’t want to consider an electronic cigarette because they feel it won’t give them the same satisfaction that smoking a real cigarette does. Once they try the electronic cigarette they may change their mind. They will begin to see that there is a viable alternative that will help to reduce their exposure to the hundreds to deadly toxins in a real cigarette.

This party can also help raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. You want to make sure you are armed with information and statistics. If you know anyone in the medical field you might ask them to speak. Just make sure the party stays fun!

If possible giving away an electronic cigarette as a party favor would be wonderful or you could have a computer at the ready for a person who might be willing to order their e cig that night. At the very least make sure you give them the information on where to buy electronic cigarette online. Knowing that you are helping your friends and family live a healthier life and ultimately become free of tobacco will make this a party you will never forget!

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